• ISDN BRI ports 4
  • Total Simultaneous Calls 8
  • Ethernet LAN Ports 1
  • Ethernet WAN Ports 1
  • VPN router
  • Firewall
  • HTTP server
Product Price R100.00

Product Description

The QXISDN4 Gateway performs similarly to the FXO version but connects using ISDN ports. This Gateway includes four ISDN BRI connections for phones and analog devices that can connect to the telephone company’s central office or to a local PBX.

The QXISDN4 can be used to add inbound lines and balance outbound call volumes from a combination of analog devices and IP phones. The lines can be centrally located within the office or used like an “extension cord” to remote branches.

Each QXISDN4 is a stand-alone, SIP gateway device that includes a VPN-router, firewall, HTTP server and call processing software. Installation requires very little configuration. For example, a QX IP PBX will automatically present the new ISDN ports within its management system.