• Doubles distance range of Gigaset telephones
  • Guarantees crystal-clear voice quality (DECT)
  • Increases mobility
  • Additional coverage between base station and handset, up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors (DECT)
  • Max. 6 repeaters within a base possible
  • Max. 2 calls simultaneously per repeater
Product Price R100.00

Product Description

The range in your surrounding depends on the environment the cordless phones in. The standard range of DECT base stations is between 50 and 300 meters. In situations where offices contain a lot of metal in the walls and floors the range will be shortened because of that. In situations at warehouses and garden centers for example – the range must be extended. Otherwise, no chance to overtake the large distances with the cordless phone. Within the extended wireless range, you can move freely while receiving calls and performing internal-external calls.