• Integrated Sync Serial Uplink – Built-in X.21, V.35 router with PPP, Frame Relay RFC-1490, 8 PVCs and FRF.12 fragmentation
  • Complete VoIP Gateway – SIPv3, H.323v4, T.38 & Fax bypass, G.723, G.729, G.726, G.711, echo cancellation, silence compression, comfort noise
  • FXS, FXO, or Combinations – Up to 8 FXS ports connect to your standard telephone or PBX. 2 or 4 FXO ports allow local PSTN connections. Programmable call routing and switching
  • Access & Network Routing – Connected to any broadband or access provider. IPv4, RIPv2, ICMP, NAT/PAT, Firewall, DHCP, DynDNS, IPSec VPN
  • QoS Guaranteed Voice & Data – Quality of Service ensures voice traffic gets priority without shutting down your Ethernet LAN
Product Price R100.00

Product Description

The SN4830 is the solution for service providers and network integrators looking for the seamless integration of analog phones and PBXs into converged VoIP-Data networks. It ensures easy setup and continuous trouble-free operation and cost effective deployment. The support of the leading VoIP signalling protocols ensures interoperability with third-party equipment and protects your investments for the future.