• Add 42 additional programmable keys to Snom 320 and 370
  • Cascades up to 3 (three) modules to your phone providing up to 126 additional keys + LEDs making it a total of 138 keys (3 x 42 + 1×12)
  • Each key can be programmed for line, destination, intercom, park orbit
  • LED’s associated with each key
Product Price R100.00

Product Description

With the Snom 320, 360 and 370 Expansion Module, your Snom has the best features to meet the requirements of executive and administrative staff who require high call coverage and flexibility from communication systems.

The new Version 2 of the Expansion Module, allows to daisy-chain up to 3 expansion modules, therefore having  up to 138 Buttons (3x 42 + 1 x 12) with LED’s.

The Snom VoIP phone is equipped with 12 programmable keys and LEDs. Using a Snom with the Snom Expansion Module, call coverage and management is even more easy and efficient to handle. With the expansion module, an add 42 additional programmable keys and LEDs are available, increasing the total number of keys and LEDs to 54.