• Built-in 24-site multipoint and can be divided into two virtual meeting room

• 1080P/60FPS and 12x optical PTZ camera
• H.265/HEVC video codec, 1080P from 512Kbps bandwidth
• Super video packet loss recovery technology, resistant up to 30%
• 5-inch touchable conference phone with harman kardon speaker
• Two DECT-based wireless expansion microphones
• Two HDMI output and two HD content input (HDMI + Mini-DP)

Product Price R100.00

Product Description

The VC800 is the lastest full-HD video conferencing system launched by Yealink. Equipped with the strongest embedded MCU within the industry, VC800 can support 24-site HD video conferencing plus two virtual meeting rooms. It has an all-in-one design and first-class video and audio technology that creates an easier and more effective collaboration experience. The VC800 one of the perfect solution for the medium-to-large meeting rooms.